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Differentiation Between Divorce And Annulment

At some point in marriage, couples tend to either get divorced or seek an annulment. If you want to learn more about divorce and annulment, it is best that you seek help from a professional lawyer and learn their similarities and differences. This is because, apart from the couples that need separation, the lawyers and judges are also involved. For a large group of people, they have the notion that both divorce and annulment mean the same thing. Despite the fact that both procedures work towards achieving the same goal, they have lots of differences. The divorce process is mostly conducted to help terminate a valid marriage.

With an annulment, the marriage is considered as null and void. Annulment process incorporates professionals that will help to terminate the marriage and have it regarded as null and void. The process of annulment is sophisticated which means that you need the help of an expert to have it termed as void. Even after the process is over, the government shall still have information regarding the marriage in your files and you can view here and learn more. For divorce, this procedure is used to terminate a valid legal marriage. There are no legal repercussions that any party should worry about once they are done with the divorce process. If you want to get an annulment, you can select either a legal process or a religious one.

Most couples get an annulment after they experience challenges in their new life. One of the reasons as to why you can seek an annulment is when you now encounter incompetence with your partner. In the event that one of the parties was not in their right state of mind, the law finds it right to have the marriage annulled. For some people, they find themselves in a new marriage despite the fact that they are already married. This is considered as an offense by the law. What the government will do is annul the second marriage.

In some situations, people related by blood find themselves in a marriage and they had no idea of their relationship. This is regarded as incest and by law, you are required to get an annulment. If you want to get divorced instead of an annulment, there is need for more evidence in respect to your location. Apart from evidence, you also need to involve a lawyer when it comes to the division of assets and children. With this lawyer, you shall have someone to guide you through the legal divorce process. Compared to divorce, an annulment is rare because few people qualify for it. In some countries, they have a time limit for people who want to get an annulment.